Welcome to my homepage!

About me

I am Kévin Sztern, better known as "Chewie" in some places, a computer science engineer graduating from the French engineering school EPITA. While my primary interests gravitate towards computer stuff, mostly functional programming, C++ and devops stuff, I also very much like close up magic, juggling, and various branches of cognitive science.

During my scholarship, I had the opportunity to invest in student associations. I was a member of the student council bureau and the former president of GConfs, an association dedicated to technical talks by and for students.

Starting from January 2014, I became a teaching assistant at EPITA, educating on various subjects such as Unix, C, C++, SQL and Java. Unfortunately, course materials I created as a TA can't be shared on this site, as per school policy.

You'll find on this page the VODs/slides of the conferences I made as part of the GConfs association (all in french), along with several links related to my projects.